Electronic Marketing and Outreach

How We Can Help

  • We construct Google AdWords campaigns designed to reach those searching for your keywords

  • We conduct targeted Facebook campaigns to put your message in front of the people most likely to respond

  • Do you have a contacts list?  We can design outreach campaigns to keep your audience informed

In most cases the intent is to drive traffic to a website and achieve a desired outcome.

Why Conduct Brand Awareness Campaigns

  • If you don’t have a great website, we can build one for you.  If you already have a great website, then you should be maximizing its effectiveness by driving traffic to it and increasing your brand awareness!
  • You website should be your hardest working employee.  It never needs breaks or time off. In fact your website is there 24 hours a day whenever a potential visitor comes calling.
  • With a good website in place, the questions become “how to drive traffic to it”, and “how do we get people to know we exist”.
  • These problems can be addressed with the implementation of Paid Search, and Social Media campaigns.
  • Using Google AdWords we can craft a campaign to get your business displayed whenever someone searches for relevant keywords associated with your organization.
  • Social Media, such as Facebook.com can be used to target specific demographics, interests, and job titles of people most likely to be interested in what you do.
  • All of this is intended to increase traffic to your website and in-turn help your organization meet its goals.

If you are interested in taking the step into electronic marketing and outreach, we can help.  Through hard work and great effort we’ve experienced the ups and downs, pitfalls and successes of campaign management so that you don’t have to!  Let us put this experience to work for you.

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